Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's December 1st

So today our lease officially begins. Although I won't have the opportunity to enjoy a full day there until next week, I'm relishing the idea of waking up Thursday morning in my house. I'll go downstairs make a pot of coffee the kitchen, have a quiet time in my chair, and then head to class. I'll come home after a long day and basically do whatever I want (not really, because I have three 3000 word essays due this weekend), and be a man.
I'm embarking on this journey with five other men whom I am very excited to be living with, and who will also be posting about their own thoughts and adventures while living here. Since it is late, I'll have to shut 'er down and get some rest (I wake up in about 5 hours for work), but hopefully you will hear back from me tomorrow, or at least sometime before we all leave for Rockbridge this weekend.

Until then,

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