Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not home, but home

I'm out of town this weekend, trying to forget about the mountain of work that I have waiting for me back home. It's pretty intense. I'm up at JMU this weekend staying with my friends Steve Foster and David Marks. Last night I ran into some old faces from high school, and it was encouraging to see them doing so well.

Per the title, I may not be at the Mystic Seaport, but I'm still spending this weekend in constant community with two brothers of mine. I'm loving it. The couch is wonderful, and they are awesome guys. We've been studying the entire day, except for the 2-hour break we took to play racquetball. I've never played before, but it is so much fun.

Tonight we're going to Melrose, which is a InnerVarsity formal thing. I'm not much for dressing up, but I'm pretty excited. Apparently these are some of the most off the chain events ever. Gotta go get ready. I have a  dark blue shirt with a silver tie, and black 3-button coat. I'm not too high on the 3-button, and I have been meaning to get a 2-button, but I have to work with what I got.

Hope all is well back home. We're hoping to be able to take a family photo tomorrow, so that may be posted as early as Monday or Tuesday.

To the housemates: I'm praying for you guys, and don't touch my food.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First house post!

I'm officially posting on the Mystic Seaport blog, from the Mystic Seaport. Josh's Droid is an amazing device that can actually provide internet. Amazing. But we're having a bunch of people chill here right now, and it's just cool to watch everyone kick back and relax. We hope that our home is like that; where people can come, feel at home themselves, and just rest. Not a long post tonight, but just thought it was worth mentioning what is going on.

If you have any prayer requests, don't hesitate to send them in!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5 days in/Mantown last night

There is no internet at the house yet, so the posts are few and far between at this point. Hopefully we'll get something in soon, and posts should be up every couple of days.

We have only spent 3 nights total in the house, but it's starting to settle in that we are on our own in a new home. My room is still freezing, and getting ready in the morning still sucks, but I'm on my own. I'll have to go grocery shopping on my own pretty soon, and I'm really nervous. My friend, Dan Griffin, told me about his escapades while grocery shopping, and having to call his mom for help. I'm going to do my best, but no promises.

We had Mantown in the house last night, which is just a group of guys that meet together to encourage one another in living life for/with Jesus. I was hugely convicted last night of not living solely for Jesus, and for my brothers. I'm sitting in my second class of the day, and I'm still not able to pay attention. I am next to tears thinking about my friends, and how I haven't been for them at all. I've lived a totally selfish life, and I don't give Jesus, or my friends and family the time of day to even lift them up in prayer. My heart has been broken today over them. I'm tired of living a selfish life, and I long to be like Jesus. This house is going to help, but I don't want to need something of this world to help me understand where my heart is at, and where it should be directed. I want Jesus to do that, and Jesus alone! But because I'm not that bright, God blessed me, and the other guys with this house, so that we could learn and know him. The Gospel has become something that I've never expected it to become, and that is everything.

The hope for this blog is that you would be able to read it and be encouraged in Jesus. If you aren't a Christian, the house would love for you to check him out, and see what he means for your life. If you are, we pray that you would grow closer and more intimate with him.

On a side note, if you have any prayer requests, definitely feel free to message them, or post them. or anything to get them here. We're going to be a house committed to being men of God, who are going to encourage all of our fellow brothers and sisters. We really do love you guys, and hope you keep reading. Invite your friends!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Night/The Guys

My room is probably the coldest room in the house. So it was an interesting night, but satisfying nonetheless. I'm actually posting this while in class, because we don't have internet at the house yet. We can basically just eat, sleep, and read there. That's totally cool with me. Hopefully we'll get a family photo that we can put up here soon, as well so that you can see who all is living here. But I wanted to put a run down of the dudes that inhabit the Mystic Seaport:

Eric Messmore - He's the oldest of us at a ripe old age of 23. He works at Auto Bell, hates school, and loves Jesus. Same can be said for about half the guy YL leaders in Chesapeake. He goes to Old Dominion University (sometimes referred to Old Dirty), where his major is actually a big mystery to everyone. He inhabits room 4 by himself.

Jacob Heatherington - He's the guy that pretty much spearheaded the movement to move in to the Mystic Seaport. At age 20, his outlook on life is bright, as he can always be seen with a smile in his mouth, and freckles on his face. All that was said about Eric (sometimes called Mezz, or Joben) is also true of Jacob. Except that Jacob majors in Business. When a friend is feeling down, he often quotes LL Cool J - "Don't call it a comeback, cause we've been here for years."

Thomas Davis - At 20 years old, he is by far the strongest man in the house, we rely on him for heavy lifting, writing checks, and breaking necks. His beard is only surpassed by his love of God, devastating looks, and dashing personality. He was actually chosen to star in a docudrama about Chuck Norris... over Chuck Norris. He calls room 2 is home along with Jacob.

Josh Ring - The runt of the litter, he is only 18 years old, but possesses the wisdom of an 81 year old. He frequently converses with John Piper, who asks Josh for spiritual counsel on many occasions. Soft spoken, but not meek, humble, yet steadfast. He has unparalleled courage that would drive him to fight a bear with a buck knife (cause it wouldn't be fair if the bear didn't have a weapon). He lives in room 5 which is tucked away in the bowels of the Mystic Seaport.

J.T. Tworek - Room 1 on the roster, and number 1 in our hearts. He has been looking forward to this day since he was 7 months old. Tall, dark, and handsome are three adjectives that pop up on an average of every 5.9 sentences per conversation about him. Often confused with Mario Lopez, he was actually a stunt double for Taylor Lautner in the Twilight series (all the scenes with his shirt off were considered stunts). Although he is not perfect, he knows God loves him, and is excited as to what is in store for him and his brothers in the Mystic Seaport.

These paragraph descriptions do no justice to the depth of each of the constituents of our home. If you follow us here, you will journey with us as we embark on our first experience of living on our own. Hope you guys enjoy!

Quick shout out to Katie Hackett for the Mac and Cheese and cookies, and Susan Vogler for all the goodies! You guys rock!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's December 1st

So today our lease officially begins. Although I won't have the opportunity to enjoy a full day there until next week, I'm relishing the idea of waking up Thursday morning in my house. I'll go downstairs make a pot of coffee the kitchen, have a quiet time in my chair, and then head to class. I'll come home after a long day and basically do whatever I want (not really, because I have three 3000 word essays due this weekend), and be a man.
I'm embarking on this journey with five other men whom I am very excited to be living with, and who will also be posting about their own thoughts and adventures while living here. Since it is late, I'll have to shut 'er down and get some rest (I wake up in about 5 hours for work), but hopefully you will hear back from me tomorrow, or at least sometime before we all leave for Rockbridge this weekend.

Until then,