Friday, February 11, 2011

Night(s) out and "New" Roomie

In all of the hoopla surrounding our house, and our massive following, I have failed to introduce the newest addition to the family (crowd awaits eagerly as drumroll ensues). Scott Cameron!!!

Scotty Cam - the old adage, "Age is but a number" is personified in Scott. Although he is another freshman in college, he has shattered social standards of freshman not being able to handle the world on their own. He has bravely taken upon the task of putting the cable bill in his name. Other acts of courage and leisure include snowboarding, looking like Ron Weasley, and wearing Marmot while sleeping in an ENO and criticizing North Face. His height has an inverse relationship to the amount that he loves Jesus (and he LOVES Jesus).

I have been spending the last few nights out over at the Brahams, staying with their son, Austin, whom is my homie (correct use of "whom"?). I'm fearing going home, because I am actually due to go grocery shopping soon, which as of right now, my best time is 1 hour 24 min. I'm learning.

NOTICE: The Mystic Seaport may be in for a name change (even though the name is already viral), and we should be taking a family photo soon. If not, a picture of Scotty will show you everything you need to know.

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